Andrew Guard

2021 Merlot 'Ornaté', Jerome Bretaudeau

This is a very lithe and elegant Merlot made by master artisan Jerome Breataudeau. Produced far from Burgundy and fermented and aged in amphore this is not a traditional wine but it is a sensational wine. It has myriad nuance and detail - plum, tobacco, herbs and earth all opening up after some time in the glass. Made for the senses it is a wine to drink with friends!

Jerome Bretaudeau set up on his own in 2005 having made wine for others for the previous 10 years, notably Jo Landron at Domaine de la Louvetrie.

His Domaine de Belle-Vue is today one of the leading lights in the region and the quality of his wines is outstanding, indeed there is an underground buzz on these wines amongst France’s best wine bars and bistros.

Three things set him way apart from the rest and are the reason that his wines are so good; he harvests by hand, his vines yield only 35hl/ha (in a region where 90hl/ha is normal!) and he only uses the available natural yeasts for fermentation. With these principles in mind, Bretaudeau stands beside others in our portfolio like Belliviere, Tue-Boeuf and Foillard.