Andrew Guard

2015 Rosso di Montalcino, Pian dell'Orino

A wonderful, traditional wine. After manual harvest, the grapes are carefully selected on their sorting table. Once in the barrel for vinification, the fermentation began after only three to four days. Spontaneous fermentation started slowly but continued persistently. The must macerated for a bit more than three weeks before being transferred into 25HL adn 15HL Slavonian oakcasks. This is, despite it's power, silky and elegant and dare I say it better than most Brunello such is the quality at this estate.

"Jan Erbach and Caroline Pobitzer continue to turn out some of the most riveting wines in Montalcino. What Erbach and Pobitzer have accomplished at Pian dell'Orino in just a few years is truly remarkable. There is little question that this small estate within a stone's throw of Bondi Santi is now one of the top dozen or so estates in Montalcino. Non-interventionalist farming and hands off approach in the cellar are two of the key principles that inform these wines. More importantly, though, Erbach is one of the most openly self-critical winemakers in Montalcino. It is that incessant, relentless drive that has propelled Pian dell'Orino to its vaunted status among Montalcino's elite. For readers who haven't tasted these wines yet, the closest stylistic equivalent are estates like Soldera, Poggio di Sotto and Salicutti. I can't recommend these wines highly enough." Antonio Galloni - Vinous