Andrew Guard

2014 Bandol Révolution, Domaine de la Tour du Bon

This is a wine made to drink younger than you normally would Bandol and is made from 60% Mourvèdre, 30% Grenache, 10% Cinsault. It's softer, fruiter and very charming in the mouth - it would be a perfect wine to serve this winter as it is open for business, has wonderful complexity, is very satisfying and has a fresh, long finish. Wild Mourvèdre here is has been tamed and finessed for immense and immediate pleasure! 

Appellation Bandol needs no introduction to Australia, it’s wines were long ago successfully introduced to the fine wine scene here and have since graced many restaurant wine lists. The mainstay grape variety in Bandol is Mourvèdre which also needs no introduction as it has lived successfully domestically for over 150 years and has contributed to many celebrated old wines (and their fond memories). In the last 10 years some of Australia’s best wine estates have been bottling special plots of Mourvèdre on it’s own.

Mourvèdre is king in Bandol and Agnès Henry is queen in her village high up in the hills. Here at one of the finest Estates in Provence, Mourvèdre expresses all of its dark and meaty potential. Tour du Bon means Tower of Good; the Domaine was named after a watchtower which is said to have been sited here to protect the local village. Certainly, a sense of harmony and peace pervade the air.