Andrew Guard

2015 Monthelie Rouge, Eric de Suremain

This wine, from the excellent 2015 vintage, has track record over the years of ageing extremely well; a 2002 opened in Burgundy a few years ago was superb and very vibrant; testament to this cuvées' ageing potential. Layered velvety flavours of dark forest berries, hedgerow fruit, herb and spice with a floral touch of violet and rose. Complex and a truly impressive wine.

For a big bear of a man, Eric de Suremain produces the silkiest, most elegant and delicate Burgundy you can imagine and they are wines that I often bring out simply to surprise people at their quality.

His bio-dynamic methods, some of the Côte d’Or’s lowest yields (often on a par with nearby Domaine Leroy), rigorous grape selection and his minimal intervention winemaking policy conspire to produce some of the purest, finest and most complex Burgundy available.