Andrew Guard

2015 Patrimonio Rouge 'Grotte di Sole', Jean-Baptiste Arena

Grotte di Sole was always Antoine’s favorite parcel, and it would seem that his other son, Jean-Baptiste, feels the same way. As the name implies, the vineyard is part of a large series of southerly exposed grottoes that capture the sun’s rays fully throughout most of the day. The site has produced many of the family’s finest Nielluccius. Jean-Baptiste’s 2015 effort is a serious wine of deep structure and intensity. Think classic, spirited Sangiovese with a wilder, slightly darker-fruited, herb-singed character from the ancient seaside maquis-studded limestone. This will be great for many years to come.

Antoine Arena is one of the most respected vignerons in France. Since the 1970's he, with his wife Marie, and now joined by his two sons, Antoine-Marie and Jean-Baptiste, has tirelessly worked to establish a reputation for excellence and  independence showing the world what his land in Patrimonio is capable of. His is a story of hard work and success.

From 3 hectares in the beginning they have all worked with a determined approach to identifying the finest terroir and have been able to increase the size of the vineyards today to 14 hectares.

As of the 2014 vintage, the Arenas have divided their holdings evenly between Antoine, Antoine-Marie, and Jean-Baptiste. The decision came naturally: in a typically Corsican spirit of self-reliance, Antoine’s sons will carry on the family tradition through their very own domaines, enjoying the autonomy to work the way they desire while maintaining close family bonds and a free exchange of ideas.