Andrew Guard

2016 Riesling 'Pfoeller', Meyer-Fonné

Pfoeller is one of the gems of the Meyer portfolio and the wine that Felix Meyer gets most animated about during a tasting of his wines. The terroir is exceptional - the wine is produced from a very steep vineyard of 30 year old vines on the eastern edge of the hillside dominated by the grand cru Sommerberg. The granite turns to limestone here, and the wine produced is intense, chiselled and dramatic. This is easliy of Grand Cru quality and in 2016 he produced a beauty that can be cellared to advantage.

When visiting winemakers in Alsace, it rarely happens that a vigneron spontaneously mentions any nearby colleagues, and it is good manners of an importer to not bring up the subject. But I now understand that there is great admiration of the Meyer-Fonné among his Alsace colleagues, and especially admired is the technical skill that Félix Meyer possesses. This brilliant 12 ha domaine exploits vineyards in seven communes.