Andrew Guard

2017 Hills Blend #2 (Pinot Noir), Elderslie

Pinot Noir. This is a great example of the styles of wines that we are starting to see emerge from contemporary Australia. Where once a new wine from the Adelaide Hills, even a Pinot Noir, would have been deep and dark in colour and rich and heavy in style and texture, this is the opposite - light, crisp and fleeting on the nose, translucent in colour and bright, crisp and joyous in the mouth. This is refreshing and engaging a great red for this coming Summer !

Elderslie is the new wine project of Adam Wadewitz and Nicole Roberts (pictured above) I have known Nicole for many years as she was a stalwart of the Sydney wine trade in the late 90's and I met Adam more recently when we both were at the National Wine Show in Canberra. He was then working as the head winemaker for Best's Great Western and soon after moved across to Shaw and Smith in the Adelaide Hills to assume the same role. He has been behind some of contemporary Australia's leading wines.

When Nicole and Adam approached me to handle their wines in Sydney I jumped at it. These have everything I like in wine - expression, vibrancy, harmony, balance - it's all there and they are very much made in the non-interventionist manner as you will read below