Andrew Guard

2017 Saint Romain Rouge 'Sous Roche’, Domaine de Chassorney

Sold out.

This is one of Fred's best wines every year and one of the first that he started making - like the Combe Bazin above this has the sumptuous glory of the vintage but also a cool reserve and juicy, mouthwatering acidity. This is both simply delicious and inspiring at the same time, a beauty !

In my little world of wine, Fred Cossard is a very important figure. He produces exquisite, vibrant Burgundies in both colours from his base in Saint Romain. A jovial man with a strong intellect and a super fine palate, he is a master at producing wine with very minimal intervention.

His father worked in the milk trade and encouraged him to do likewise, which he did for ten years before he heard the siren song of wine. 

Fred handles his grapes and makes his wines utilizing some of the hygienic practices he learned working with raw milk. He adds no chemicals whatsoever including no sulfur. His macerations and fermentations are long. He routinely does five to six weeks weeks of fermentation in wooden vats and his wines go through malolactic fermentation while resting on their lees. He generally ages his wines in seasoned barrels, nearly always Toutant for the reds and Gillet for the whites.

The whites are ripe, crisp and juicy; the reds sumptuous, soft and velvety and importantly both the white and red wines are balanced by a deep mineral salinity and the overwhelming feeling once you have swallowed them is one of freshness and vitality - like the (these days) rare sensation you get when you bite into a perfectly ripened piece of fruit. It makes them quite hard to stop drinking.