Andrew Guard

2018 Chardonnay Charmille, Domaine Overnoy

Aged for two years in barrel - Ouille, or topped up like in Burgundy, this is bright, citric and floral with clear fresh and direct presence. You can feel and taste the limestone soils in the mouth where the saline infused flavours linger on. Fans of Labet's Chardonnay 'Cuvee Fleurs' will find much to like here and much similarity, this is a super wine.

The first thing you notice is the name, Overnoy. This one is not to be confused with the legendary estate in Pupillin although Guillame's Grandfather was a brother to Pierre Overnoy and their Poulsard is propagated from cuttings from Arbois-Pupillin.

This estate is located in Orbagna, in the south of the Jura in the region of Sud Revermont. They are not too far away from Rotalier, home to the famous estates of Labet and Ganevat.

This is an estate to watch, the talent is there, as is passion and support. I feel lucky to have discovered this estate before it's inevitable rise to stardom!