Andrew Guard

2020 Vin de Savoie Micraster, Domaine Blard & Fils

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Micraster is the entry level wine at Blard, made from Jacquere, it is all from Abymes and shimmers with platinum hues. The nose is all lemon, salt, meadow flowers and river stones. Aged on lees in tank for 3 months it is very fresh and pure in the mouth, has some of the bracing sting of young Chablis but is lower in alcohol and finishes crisp and refreshingly dry. There are not many wines with this brace and perky zest; this would be ideal starting wine this Summer and at a very fair price too.

Domaine Blard & Fils located directly at the foot of Mont Granier, an area that would have been under the rubble in 1248. The Blard’s have been farming this land for 5 generations, and today production is led by the father-son duo of Jean-Noël and Thomas. The family started with different types of crops and animals, but slowly turned all efforts to wine production. The area where most of their 10 hectares are planted reference the 1248 catastrophe: Apremont, which means “bitter mountain,” and Abymes, which means “ruin.” The soil composition here was forever changed by the landslide, and it is considered by many experts to be the best place in the Savoie to plant and harvest Jacquère. In this offer there are three excellent wines from Jacquère.

In addition to the estate’s Jacquère, Jean-Noël and Thomas also produce a brilliant Roussette de Savoie which is from the Altesse variety. There is a depth in the wine that not all Altesse carry and it has real presence. 

All the wines here are produced from estate grapes, farmed organically, they wine have the certification in 2022 - fermentations are spontaneous with ambient yeasts and SO2 is used in minimal quantity at the bottling. These are artisan wines as we like them