Andrew Guard

Gin Belet Cuvée 6 - 500ml

I first tasted this truly exceptional Belgian Gin at Frenchie restaurant in Paris in 2015 when dining with friends.

We had had a superb meal and the Sommelier offered each of us a small sip of this  served neat at the end of the meal. with other drinks that leave such an impression on me I had to track it down and see if I could bring it to Australia.

Well after a year I have been able to do that – you won't want to miss this. We have got a little of the ‘Cuvée 6’and it’s a beauty - very different to the London Dry Style this is exotic, enchanting and full of sensual surprises with hints of orange, cardamom and rose...

It’s not really priced to pour with Tonic but it is superb neat and would certainly make a very clever Martini or Gimlet.

As it says on the label, “Have a good one!”