Andrew Guard

Gin Belet Cuvée 7 - 500ml

I first tasted this truly exceptional Belgian Gin at Frenchie restaurant in Paris in 2015 when dining with friends.

We had had a superb meal and the Sommelier offered each of us a small sip of this  served neat at the end of the meal. with other drinks that leave such an impression on me I had to track it down and see if I could bring it to Australia.

Well after a year I have been able to do that – you won't want to miss this. This is the ‘Cuvée 7’ and it’s another beauty - more citric and floral than the ‘Cuvée 6’ which is more exotic.

It’s not really priced to pour with Tonic but it is superb neat and would certainly make a very clever Martini or Gimlet.

As it says on the label, “Have a good one!”