Andrew Guard

Guignes et guins (Wild Cherries), 500ml, Laurent Cazottes

This is rare, produced from cherries grown wild for generations on his family estate to create one of the most striking liqueurs in his portfolio. Hand harvested and hand made, his respect for the fruit here results in perfect purity of the fruit and also reveals incredible layers of complexity..superb. 

Laurent Cazottes is the proprietor of an interesting and unique enterprise centred around a distillery, one of only four permitted in the Tarn. The resultant spirits (eau-de-vie) and liqueurs are produced from organically grown fruit supplied by locals either for their own consumption, or, bottled by the family Cazottes for retail sale and distribution. The result is a variety of brilliant eau-de-vie such as apple, pear, plum and also a few rare and wonderful liqueurs.

The Goutte de Poire Williams Passerillée, is his personal calling card and that which opened the doors of the greatest restaurants to him, from the exalted Pierre Gagnaire. Ducasse, Arpège and Troisgros to contemporary Parisian favorites Le Baratin and Le Verre Volé. Today, Michel Bras orders his citron liqueur exclusively from him and the national forests office has assigned to him personally the wild blueberries from Mont Lozère..

Today, Laurent Cazottes is France's leading producer of artisan liqueurs and eau-de-vie. They really are remarkable.