Andrew Guard



David Moreau is perhaps the great discovery of 2014 for me - for now he has taken over part of his grandfather’s domaine in Santenay and has produced wines there since 2009. He has an impeccable winemaking resume having worked on white wines with Olivier Lamy (Domaine Hubert Lamy) and was apprenticed to Domaine de la Romanée Conti where he learnt a thing or two about red wine..he also worked for a short time in New Zealand at Neudorf.

David has made very significant changes in both viticulture and vinification since 2009 all designed to produce the very best wine possible regardless of cost. He has relatively old vines that are mostly pruned by cordon royat to minimise vigour, and the vitculture is 'lutte raisonné'.

The wines from David Moreau are incredibly stylish and fine; glowing colours, seductive perfumes and silken flavours. None with a hair out of place, this producer may be an insiders secret for now but is destined for big things - watch this space.

Written by Andrew Guard — September 07, 2014