Andrew Guard

Saint Romain

Frédéric Cossard in life is a character - have a look at his photo. As a winemaker he is a guru making small quantities of exquisitely natural wines. He’s enigmatic and an artiste in every sense. In creating his domaine in 1996 he decided to adhere to strict principles, namely respect for the soil and the vine, and the most natural possible expression of the terroir. Everything is done to respect this. The wonder you will feel whilst drinking his wines are a result of his attention to healthy vines, low yields and maximum grape maturity.

The viticulture is completely organic at Domaine de Chassorney. Founded on respect for traditional methods it excludes chemical enrichments and treatments. One of the key elements in this search for natural equilibrium is compost produced from vine clippings, grape marc and a special treatment of cow manure, a healthy combination which permits the cultivation of proper vine immunity and helps guarantee the expression of the personality of the terroir. In addition to this he works with a trusted friend, Philippe Secques, who prepares homeopathic tinctures for the vines to help against the disease and maladies that can often present themselves in Burgundy.

The area between the vines is ploughed, in the traditional manner, using a horse. During the vintage particular care is taken in only selecting the ripest and healthiest grapes. On their arrival at the winery the grapes are examined again before being put into the vat, complete, unbroken and without the addition of sulphur.

These are truly captivating and rare natural Burgundies. They are some of the hardest wines to find in France and are, in many ways, the ultimate insider wines.


Written by Andrew Guard — June 23, 2012