Andrew Guard


I first tasted wines from Somló 20 years ago and I have never forgotten it, Somló is the smallest of Hungary’s 22 wine regions (Tokaj is ten, Burgundy is fifty times bigger) About twenty years ago I tasted two wines that my friend Attila had brought back from a visit to Hungary, one was a Furmint from Fekete Bela and the other was a Juhfark from Imre Györgykovács. I distinctly remember the incredible mineral taste in the wines that I learnt is from the Volcanic basalt soils in Somló, since then I have never stopped thinking about the Somló wines and my research has led me to establish contact with Gabor who has taken over the estate of the legendary Bela Fekete. The incredible volcanic terroir of Somló and the quality harnessed by Gabor are things you just have to taste!

Written by Andrew Guard — April 15, 2023