Andrew Guard


This is a brand new estate for us, the first we have imported without visiting, thanks to Covid19...

Jurançon is one of the mythical wine regions in France, tucked into the Pyrenees and producing incisive and long lived wines from the Petit Manseng, Gros Manseng and Petit Courbu grapes. In fact it's sweet liquoreux wines can improve over many decades.

Jean-Baptiste Semmartin the proprietor/vigneron behind Domaine Lajibe was a sportsman in a past life, representing France on it's national fencing team. He fell into wine from there, first making wine in Bordeaux, then in Collioure and finally in Burgundy where he worked with Biodynamic pioneer, Emmanuel Giboulout. This experience led him on the path towards respect fro the environment and the conservation of nature. His vineyards were certified Organic in 2010 and Biodynamic in 2019 

There are two Jurançon sec (dry) wines produced, Haure and Carmeret and a liquoreux (sweet) called Serres-Seques, all from different vineyards and terroir. The dry wines are taught, fine and chiselled and the sweet wine, despite it's 100 grams of residual sugar is impeccably balanced with a fine freshness and salty minerality on the finish. 

Jean-Baptiste is a star already producing limited amounts of very fine, distinctive wine and we are delighted to offer his wines to our customers in Australia.

Written by Andrew Guard — July 15, 2020