Andrew Guard


I am always on the search for new wine to bring home to my customers. Some things arrive by careful research, planning and visiting and some by serendipity and chance.

When dining at one of my favorite Restaurants in France, La Cachette in Valence early last year with Théo Allemand, I was in the mood for one more glass of wine; as he was driving he declined. I asked the Sommelier for a suggestion and he brought over a glass of red wine with a wink said, "this guy is doing great things". 

I nosed the glass, and boom! mountain wine, brightness, light, fruit, flowers, energy. Superb Syrah in every sense, I learned it was a from a small farmer who practices polyculture (amazing vegetables) and has vines at Tournon, one of the original villages of Saint-Joseph and it's famed granitic slopes and terraces.

I took a picture on my phone of the label and made notes to contact the vigneron, Christian Lericq, on my return home to purchase some wine. No sooner had I got of the plane in Sydney than we were locked down and the Covid year of 2020 had begun...I spent last year keeping things going and so it is only now that I can offer these excellent wines.

Keep your eyes out !


Written by Andrew Guard — February 20, 2021