Andrew Guard


Gianluigi Lano produces elegant, classic Barbaresco - gorgeous wines of depth, balance, and perfume. Working with vineyards handed down from his father, Gianluigi Lano only began bottling wines under his own label in the early 1990s. Assisted by his wife, Daniela, and son, Samuele, he has made organic farming a priority and obtained certification a few years ago. The family produces a concise lineup of wines including the wonderful Barbaresco Rocche Massalupo. The Rocche Massalupo cru sits at the southern edge of the Barbaresco growing zone, as does the Lano family cantina, in the village of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio. I am very happt to be able to bring these superb wines to Australia. 


Written by Andrew Guard — April 15, 2023