Andrew Guard


Stefano Amerighi is making some of the best Syrah on the planet from his base at Cortona, in Southern Tuscany. Stefano, is one of the most interesting, intelligent winemakers I have met over the years and his passion for Syrah has taken him to the Rhone Valley many times over the years where he has crafted friendships with all the greats!

Syrah has a presence in Cortona dating back to the late 1700s. The noted ampelographer Attilio Scienza began a nearly 30-year study of the Cortona zone starting in the late 1970s. He found the terroir remarkably similar to the Rhone Valley, both in terms of climate and geology. Syrah was already here; it made sense that it would be the benchmark for any forthcoming wine appellation. Using Professor Scienza's findings, Cortona was granted DOC status in 1999.

Here wines are crafted not made, grapes grown using bio dynamic principals and total respect for the land; Stefano loves the wines of Thierry Allemand of Cornas and it shows in his own wines which share a raciness, sleekness and incredible, wild purity of fruit. This is great addition to our portfolio! 

Written by Andrew Guard — February 12, 2023