Andrew Guard

Martigné-Briand (Anjou)

Stéphane Bernaudeau has really risen to the top over the past few years and his wines have reached cult status as people have realized the quality and those with older bottles have been astounded at the wines complexity and potential to age.

Located in Martigné-Briand in Anjou, Bernaudeau farms his vines according to biodynamic principles. He produces some of the finest, brightest, taught and energetic expressions of Chenin of the Loire Valley and some of the best wines in all France.

Before fully dedicating his time to his own vines, Stéphane worked with Mark Angeli at La Ferme de la Sansonniere for many years, leaving in 2015. It was from Angeli that he learned how to make fine, artisan wines.

His three hectare domaine is built on small, carefully farmed parcels, with each of his wines thus focused on individuality. The results are an incredibly skillful fusion of purity and precision.

Unfortunately they are now practically impossible to find though I have been visiting for a few years and am very happy to have secured a small parcel for our customers in Australia.

Written by Andrew Guard — February 28, 2019