Andrew Guard


Discovering Terra Vita Vinum, like a few of the estates we have introduced during Covid19 has come by word of mouth and research rather than visiting in person which has unfortunately not been possible. In any case I am delighted to have discovered this gem of an estate practically at the start of it life. Luc Briand and Bénédicte Petit have breathed energy and passion into the Domaine Richou, located in the Anjou Noir and renamed it Terra Vita Vinum. Anjou Noir is a geological unit composed mainly of rocks that have been subjected to constraints (folds, faults, magmatic intrusions, metamorphism) related to orogenesis (mountain range formation) the wines produced here are very unique and celebrated.

The domaine has seven different parcels, all diverse geographically Bigottière (Savennières); Pavillon; Gabouchons/Violets; Rogeries; Grand Vau; Châteliers/Chant de la pierre; Chauvigné - all bottled separatley.

These are wines that fit perfectly into our list of superb Loire vigenrons and represent nirvana for fans of purity and minerality in Anjou Noir Chenin Blanc!

Written by Andrew Guard — February 06, 2022