Andrew Guard

2022 Pigato DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente 'Le Russeghine', Bruna

This wine is all elegance, freshness and minerality. Intensely scented with fine floral and citric notes alongside aromatic herbs, almonds and the local Ligurian scrub. Fresh and succulent on the palate, it pinches the cheeks with it's precision and elegance. This complex beauty is a glory at the table!

Established in 1970 by Riccardo Bruna, Azienda Agricola Bruna is a tiny 7.5 hectare estate consisting of a few specific vineyard plots, all planted on terraced vineyards hewn out of the mountainside at about 250 meters above sea level and only 15km from the Mediterranean. This area is very beautiful and remote and is known for its production of olives, cherries and aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and sage.

Bruna is currently run by Riccardo’s daughter Francesca and her husband, Roberto. Having spent some time with both of them it is easy to see why the quaity of the wines is so exceptional - there is careful thought, attention to detail, reflection and respect evident in all they do. The estate has worked organically since 2009.

These are rare but very wonderful wines.