Andrew Guard

2020 Tarrington, Pinot Noir

From a 2ha vineyard situated about 2km from the Hochkirch property, John acquired and has been producing wine from the estate since 2009. This is lighter in style than the Maximus and has red fruit character where Maximus has dark fruit, Volnay compared with Gevrey perhaps? In any case this is in the zone too and delivers a sensual experience of cherry, strawberry, sous-bois, forest and earth. Superb 

Hochkirch vineyard lies on a north facing slope 250 m. above sea level along an elevated plateau running southwest from Dunkeld at the foot of the Grampians in far south west Victoria. The vines are not irrigated and no synthetic fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used; currently the Nagorckas are certified bio-dynamic by Demeter.