Andrew Guard

2021 Hochkirch, Syrah

Organic/biodynamic farmed from Henty in Victoria. One of the long term au naturale producers too. Brilliant wines.

Wow, game meat. Like beef jerky meets venison meets peppery salumi. Unreal. The texture is sublime, soft, supple, medium weight with this feathery web of tannin pulling things close. So much spice. So many herbs. Somewhere in that all a red fruited freshness and succulence. Boysenberry and mulberry faintly. Complex, layered, detailed, wildly drinkable and oh so serious at the same time. Magnificent. Syrah lovers pay attention.

Rated : 96 Points - Mike Bennie,
Tasted : FEB23
Alcohol : 13%

Hochkirch vineyard lies on a north facing slope 250 m. above sea level along an elevated plateau running southwest from Dunkeld at the foot of the Grampians in far south west Victoria. The vines are not irrigated and no synthetic fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used; currently the Nagorckas are certified bio-dynamic by Demeter.