Andrew Guard

2021 Riesling Grand Cru ‘Schoenenbourg’, Meyer-Fonné

Powerhouse  intensity, concentration, kaleidoscopic flavor, unique terroir:in short, one of the great Riesling terroirs in all of northern Europe, particularly when translated by the talented hand of Félix Meyer. Much like the weighty clay and marl terroir itself, Schoenenbourg is heavy stuff. Only ten cases are imported into the United States every year—well, nine and a half after I get my share. Compare its price to that of a top grower’s premier cru white Burgundy and then try to develop a list of reasons not to jump all over this opportunity delivered by the current imperfection of market forces. Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant, August 2016

When visiting winemakers in Alsace, it rarely happens that a vigneron spontaneously mentions any nearby colleagues, and it is good manners of an importer to not bring up the subject. But I now understand that there is great admiration of the Meyer-Fonné among his Alsace colleagues, and especially admired is the technical skill that Félix Meyer possesses. This brilliant 12 ha domaine exploits vineyards in seven communes.