Andrew Guard

2022 Cheverny Blanc 'Frileuse' Clos du Tue-Boeuf

This is a field blend of roughly a third each of Sauvignon, Fie Gris and Chardonnay. From the superb 2022 vintage this is a wonderful wine. This is a beauty and one of the wines from them that I remarked on the most at their tasting in February. You always have to be quick to reserve wine at Tue-Boeuf and I didn't hesitate.  This brims with resonant succulent fruit and has an appealing succulence and brightness that fans of this estate will recognize, the wines brings a smile and finishes with a satisfying minerally zing!

Clos de Tue-Bœuf is run by two brothers, Jean-Marie and Thierry Puzelat, who tend their 10-hectare family estate in Les Montils (in the Cheverny AOC) and rent 6 hectares in a village nearby, in the Touraine AOC. The brothers were luck, their father had always worked Clos du Tue Boeuf with a very limited range of organic products and so the soils are alive; he also had never machine-harvested his vineyards or used industrial yeasts. The resultant wines are vibrant, translucent, and explosively flavourful and in many ways taste like they are home-made in that they have an honesty, truthfulness and wholesomeness in their flavours.