Andrew Guard

2022 Rioja Tinto 'Rajos Uva', Olivier Rivière

His first red bottling 2022 Rioja Tinto 'Rayos Uva'  is as pure and vibrant as Rioja can be. It is produced from the area of Aldeanuva de Ebro (Rioja Baja). The blend is dependent on the vintage but usually includes Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano  – percentages change each year. Following fermentation it is aged only in tank and bursts with juicy, bright fruit that has a refreshing crunch. The finish is delicious and refreshing. This is Olivier’s most popular wine and for good reason, it's always a beauty and I think this 2022 is the best one yet !

In just 10 years Olivier has established himself as one of Spain's most revered winemakers. His wines have rapidly become amongst Spain's most sought-after, with all of the top restaurants and "in the know" collectors seeking them. Only small quantities are made, and in some instances tiny quantities...

We have had a great response to Olivier Rivière’s small production of Rioja and Arlanza wines since we first introduced them some years ago. I met first Olivier in Deauville, France where he was showing his wines at a wine fair that featured may producers that I was interested in. I had heard great things about his wines and was very keen to work with Spanish wine. Needless to say I wanted the wines to be good but I loved them! I gave him an order on the spot and we haven’t looked back.

It's hard to put you finger on what makes these wines great. All the wines have lovely balance and a purity of fruit that I rarely see. Most of all though they have superfine texture and cashmere-like tannins - they can be full bodied but are very lithe and incredibly drinkable!