Andrew Guard

Hochkirch 'Villages' Pinot Noir 2021

When I think Hochkirch I think riesling and syrah, then pinot noir, but am often proved wrong by that mentality. Biodynamic farmed.

It’s all dark cherry and dried herbs here. Yum. Lush kind of feel with silty tannins and a cool, slightly minty finish, in a pleasing, amaro-like sense. Lots of character, lots of complexity, very savoury. There’s an elemental, savoury thing going on and it feels wholly unique too. Special. Top shelf for the ludicrous price too. It’s a beautiful, unadorned, generous and wispy pinot noir of ease of drinking yet enough detail to keep the pinotphiles very, very interested.

Rated : 94 Points - Mike Bennie,
Tasted : FEB23
Alcohol : 12.5%n the finish

Hochkirch vineyard lies on a north facing slope 250 m. above sea level along an elevated plateau running southwest from Dunkeld at the foot of the Grampians in far south west Victoria. The vines are not irrigated and no synthetic fungicides, pesticides or fertilizers are used; currently the Nagorckas are certified bio-dynamic by Demeter.